20.11.2015 | Tbilisi, Georgia

Results of Policy Mix Peer Review presented in Georgia

The IncoNet EaP organised two so called 'Policy Mix Peer Reviews', one in Armenia and a second in Georgia. S&T policy mix peer reviews serve to assess the science system of a certain country, with the support of international experts (peers). On the basis of international experience and good practice with S&T governance, financing of research, etc. recommendations are given for improving the respective S&T system.

On Friday, 20 November 2015 the results and recommendations of the S&T review were presented in Tbilisi to 28 participants from the Georgian Ministry of Education, the Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation (SRNSF), the Georgian Innovation and Technology Agency (GITA) and a number of representatives from Georgian universities and research centres.

After an introduction to the methodology and approach by Martin Felix Gajdusek (ZSI) the report was presented by the teamleader of the S&T policy mix peer review, George Bonas (CeRISS). A team of six S&T experts had visited the country in March 2015 and has drafted a report. The main recommendations to the S&T policy makers were presented at the meeting in Tbilisi.

Further follow up meetings are envisaged to facilitate the take up of recommendations.


Following intensive preparation one-week visits took place in Armenia and in Georgia on 16-20 March 2015.

The expert groups for the review in Armenia and Georgia consisted of peers from countries volunteering to support the action and having substantial knowledge and insight in recent STI policy developments on EU level and for the regions covered. In each country an experienced Team Leader supported the conduction of the numerous meetings with stakeholders from the countries.

Peer Review Team Georgia:

  • BONAS George (Team Leader), KECHAGIARAS Yannis, CeRISS, Greece
  • CURAJ Adrian, Executive Agency for Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation Funding (UEFISCDI), Romania
  • NEDOVIC Viktor, Ministry for Education, Science and Technological Development, University Of Belgrade, Serbia
  • SCHLICHT Michael, German Federal Ministry of Education and Research
  • GAJDUSEK Martin Felix, Centre for Social Innovation, Austria

Peer Review Team Armenia:

  • HEINRICHS Gerold, German Aerospace Center (Team Leader)
  • ALIU Azir, Ministry for Education, Science & Information Technology, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
  • GULDA Krzysztof , Ministry of Science and Higher Education, Poland
  • RINGHOFER Johanna , Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy, Austria


If you have any questions regarding the Policy Mix Peer Reviews conducted by IncoNet EaP, please feel free to contact:

Martin Felix GajdusekCentre for Social Innovation (ZSI)

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