29.06.2015 - 02.07.2015 | Chania (Crete), Greece

IncoNet EaP sessions on 'Bioremediation' and 'Phytoremediation' at the 6th European Bioremediation Conference

On 2nd of July 2015 the IncoNet EaP consortium organised sessions on Bioremediation and Phytoremediation which were an integral part of the 6th European Bioremediation Conference (EBC-VI) in Chania, Greece, on 29 June-2 July 2015.This particular event was a high profile conference at European level.
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The EBC-VI conference covered the following scientific topics:

  • In-situ bioremediation of contaminated soil and groundwater.
  • Ex-situ bioremediation of contaminated soils, sludges and industrial wastewaters.
  • Bioremediation of sites contaminated with crude oil, petrochemicals and PAHs.
  • Bioremediation of sites contaminated with chlorinated and other recalcitrant compounds.
  • Phytoremediation technologies for decontamination of organic pollutants - Constructed Wetlands for emerging compounds, pharmaceuticals & priority pollutants.
  • Phytoremediation and bioremediation technologies for removal of heavy metals.
  • Biomonitoring and bioremediation of contaminated sendiments.
  • Biostimulation and/or bioaugmentation for polluted marine environments / Technologies to combat marine oil spills / Monitoring and Early Warning Systems.
  • Bioreactor technologies for ex-situ treatment.
  • Innovative approaches and tools for monitoring and bioremediation of emerging pollutants in soils, sediments and groundwater.
  • Bioremediation and integrated (bio)chemical valorization (via biomolecules, fine-chemicals, biomaterials and bioenergy production) of agro-industrial byproducts, effluents, wastes and surplus (organic waste multipurpose biorefineries).
  • Mathematical modelling of bioremediation processes and performance evaluation.
  • Blue growth opportunities in the context of environmental protection & restoration.
  • Wastewater valorisation, bioremediation, purification and reuse.

Speakers of both IncoNet EaP sessions, Chania, 2 July 2015 | © Piotr Świerczyński Speakers of both IncoNet EaP sessions, Chania, 2 July 2015 | © Piotr Świerczyński

IncoNet EaP Sessions:

Main topic of the first session was Phytoremediation. There were 5 presentations from 3 Eastern Partnership countries. Additionally, the IPPT PAN representative delivered a presentation about experiences, results and activities carried out within IncoNet EaP project.

The second IncoNet EaP session was dedicated to Bioremediation. There were 7 presentations from 6 Eastern Partnership countries. A total of 50 researchers from 25 countries participated in the two sessions.
The strength of both sessions was the presentation of a detailed panorama on Phytoremediation and Bioremediation in Eastern Partnership countries. Additionally those sessions were an excellent opportunity for networking and provided possibilities of collaboration with other EU countries. Most of participants underlined that similar activities should be repeated in the future.

IncoNetEaP session: 'Phytoremediation: | 9:15 -10:45 | Thursday,  2 July 2015

  1. 'Assessment of perennial grasses and legumes for phytoremediation of degraded soils of Moldova'
    Prof. Tamara Leah, Institute of Soil Science, Agrochemistry and Soil Protection 'Nicolae Dimo'
  2. 'Approaches for Enhancing Phytoremediation Efficiency Against Chemical Contamination of Soils'
    Dr Tamar Varazi, Durmishidze Institute of Biochemistry and Biotechnology of Georgian Agricultural University
  3. 'Development of Phytoremediation and Bioremediation Methods for Removal of Heavy Metals from Contaminated Soils in Armenia'
    Dr Marine Nalbandyan, Institute of Geological Sciences of NAS RA
  4. 'Organic wastes utilization practices in agriculture of Moldova'
    Prof. Tamara Leah, Institute of Soil Science, Agrochemistry and Soil Protection 'Nicolae Dimo'
  5. 'The study of polluted areas algae as the basis for Remediation of Aquatic Ecosystems'
    Dr Lusine Hambaryan, Yerevan State University

IncoNet EaP session: 'Bioremediation' | 11:15 -13:15 | Thursday, 2 July 2015

  1. 'Lignin – Modifying Enzyme Production Regulation and Application in Bioremediation'
    Prof. Vladimir Elisashvili, Agricultural University of Georgia, Animal Husbandry and Feed Production Institute, Kakha Bendukidze University Campus at Digomi
  2. 'Groundwater and Wastewater Purification by Flocculants 'UNICOMFLOC'
    Dr Larisa Kunitskaya, Chemistry faculty of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv
  3. 'Usage of culture collection of microorganisms developing in hydrocarbon fuel for contaminated soil bioremediation'
    Dr Oleksii Morgaienko, Institute of biology of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv
  4. 'Bioremediation of oil-polluted natural objects using composite materials on the basis of peat'
    Dr Natallia Sasnouskaya, Institute for Nature Management of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus
  5. 'Natural sorbents for removal of heavy metals from soil and water'
    Dr Sviatlana Kouryk, Institute for Nature Management of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus
  6. 'Environmental Aspects, Sanitary and Hygienic Conditions and Contamination of Surface Water and Water Supplies of Azerbaijan with Cholera Vibrions' 
    Prof. Gulnara Shamkhalova, Eurasia Region Caspian West Country Laboratory | Prof. Shair Gurbanov, Republican  Anti-Plague Station
  7. 'Bioremediation of POPs Polluted Sites (Case Studies in the Republic of Moldova)'
    Prof. Tudor Lupascu, Institute of Chemistry of the Academy of Science of Moldova
On 2 July 2015, the IncoNet EaP project (in which the DLR Project Management Agency is a project partner) organised sessions on 'Bioremediation' and 'Phytoremediation' at the 6th European Bioremediation Conference (EBC-VI) in Chania. In their function as editors of the project's website, DLR agreed to upload the presentations held during this event on this website for download in pdf format subject to the express consent of the speakers concerned. DLR, as the uploading entity, has not monitored the contents of these presentations in any way. In case of incorrect contents, copyright infringements or other violations of the law, please contact Dr Thomas Reineke, DLR Project Management Agency, European and International Cooperation,
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Contact to the Session Organiser:

Piotr Świerczyński (IPPT PAN)
+48-22-828-74-81, +48-22-828-74-83 w. 311

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