01.10.2015 | Kyiv, Ukraine

Workshop 'Expertise and Evaluation of Research Projects in EaP countries: Current State and Future Prospects'

One of the tasks of the IncoNet EaP project is to assist EaP countries in improving their evaluation systems by creating pools of national and international experts, and implement a joint regional S&T expert evaluation platform. The main objective of the workshop was to examine the current situation regardig expertise and evaluation systems in EaP countries, learn from the experience of  EU countries concerning grant systems to finance research, evaluate the development of a regional experts database, and the implementation of a joint STI Evaluation Platform.
Nowadays science development has to respond to two main challenges: on the one hand there is a strong competition for limited financial resources, on the other hand there are growing costs, integration and interdisciplinarity of research. The abilitiy to obtain funding and find cooperation partners to carry out research in most cases determines the chances to succeed in the present-day market of research and developments.

Today’s realities and the 'Eurointegration policy' chosen by the EaP countries demand from science support funds to apply up-to-date advanced methods for both attracting money and use national grants ratinally, as well as to integrate human and financial resources within international cooperation.

A competitive basis is the main principle of providing state funding for science and innovation. To carry out such competitions makes it necessary to apply improved and practical procedures of evaluating and selecting the most relevant applications for financing projects. Ensuring quality and visibility of evaluation has direct impact on the scientific level of research and the efficiency of financial support.

In this context IncoNet EaP organised a regional workshop on 'Evaluation & Expertise for Scientific Excellence in the Eastern Partnership region' in Chisinau on 7-8 May 2014. The current workshop in Kiyv was a follow-up activity on this event.

Invited were representatives from science support funds, ministries, organisations, and centers responsible for the evaluation and financing of research projects. Among the speakers were IncoNet EaP project partners from EU countries who have experience in introducing evaluation and expertise systems. Kyiv conference participants interested in subject of the workshop were also welcome to join. 

The IncoNet EaP workshop was held within the International Conference 'Grant 2015', which on 1-2 October 2015 in Kyiv and had related goals and tasks. Conference organisers were the State Fund of Fundamental Research of Ukraine, the Ministry of Science and Education, the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, and the embassies of Germany, France and Poland in Ukraine.

Organiser of the Workshop 'Expertise and Evaluation of Research Projects in EaP countries: Current State and Future Prospects' was TBI 'Kharkov Technologies' with the financial and orgaisational support of the IncoNet EaP project.

The workshop was held on the first day of the 'GRant 2015' Conference – on 1 October 2015, right after the short morning plenary session, from 11.00 till 18.00. The workshop programme included presentations of the IncoNet project results, and the experience of  EU countries (IncoNet project partners) in creating an international expert database, successful examples of science and research projects, approaches for the creation of a joint regional STI Evaluation Platform, progress of EaP countries in creating national systems of evaluation and expertise of research projects, and discussions concerning further steps of STI evaluation.

Date & time: 1 October 2015 | 11.00-18.00
Venue: Ministry of Education and Science, 16, T.Shevchenko blvd., Kyiv, Ukraine


Inna Gagauz
Nadiya Yefimova

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