01.10.2013 [News]

Two new policy dialogue projects between the EU and Central Asia/the Eastern Partnership countries launched

Two new projects, 'IncoNet EaP' (STI International Cooperation Network for Eastern Partnership Countries) and 'IncoNet CA'  (STI International Cooperation Network for Central Asian Countries) started with a joint kick-off event in Athens on 18-20 September 2013.

The projects aim to support the advancement of the bi-regional STI policy dialogue between the EU MS/AC and the Eastern Partnership countries and the Central Asian countries respectively, with an explicit focus on the Societal Challenges that have been identified to be of mutual interest for the two regions, namely Climate Change, Energy and Health. In particular the projects will identify actions and stakeholders and will implement innovative pilot activities to strengthen the coordination and impact of the individual actions.

In terms of policy dialogue, the projects will provide analytical evidence and monitoring to feed the dialogue and to support joint agenda setting. A policy mix review will be implemented along with capacity building activities with emphasis on the promotion of Innovation. More specifically, links with the EU technology platforms will be established allowing mutual learning and exchange of best practices for enhanced public-private partnerships between the two regions. In addition, support to FP contacts will be provided to strengthen their role and to adapt their functioning to the challenges of Horizon 2020.

The projects will build on the experience of the their predecessors IncoNet EECA and IncoNet CA/SC targeting these regions and will develop synergies between each other.
Expanding S&T Synergies