12.04.2012 [News]

Assessment Exercise of the R&D system in Moldova

From 2-5 April, the Moldovan Academy of Sciences hosted a group of international experts involved in an evaluation exercise of the research, development and innovation (RDI) system in Moldova.

Their mission was to identify existing practices concerning the implementation of RDI development policies. Within this frame, expert meetings were held with Mr. Cyril Lucinschi, President of the Parliamentary Committee on Culture, Education, Research, Youth, Sports and Media; representatives of the EU Delegation in Moldova; the Ministry of Education; the Ministry of Economy; the Ministry of Finance; the Ministry of Health; the State Agency on Intellectual Property; the Chamber of Commerce and Industry; the National Council for Accreditation and Attestation; the National Bureau of Statistics; the Free International University; the Analytical Center Expert Group; the Agency for Innovation and Technology Transfer and others.

The mission ended  on Thursday, April 5, with a round table attended by the ASM management, representatives of the Council for Science and Technological Development, the  CSŞDT Officeand other guests. The event was used to present systems governing RDI in Austria, Greece, Estonia and Belarus. This was also an opportunity for those present to gain first hand insight into the characteristics of these systems and perform a comparative analysis. In addition, the Center for Fundamental and Applied Research Funding (CFCFA) of Moldova was presented at the event. It aims to support and promote the activities of the national scientific community at the expense of public funds allocated through an open system based on competition.

The Evaluation exercise of the RDI system in Moldova is conducted within the EU funded project IncoNet EECA ("S&T International Cooperation Network for Eastern European and Central Asian Countries") and will end in June with a report by the experts. This document will provide an assessment of the current system of governance of science in Moldova and contain recommendations on how to improve and align it to the best international practices in this field.

The Expert Group, chaired by Mr. Manfred Spiesberger of the Centre for Social Innovation in Austria, includes specialists from the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, the Greek General Secretariat for Research and Technology, the Innovation Fund of Belarus, the Ministry of Education and Research of Estonia, and the Ministry of Science and Research of Austria.

Presentations of the round table:

Source:  Academy of Sciences of Moldova

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